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22" TFT - 16:10 - which resolution

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Hi guys,


today i had the opportunity to try LockOn with a 22" TFT.


I attached the Monitor to my PC and tried the highest possible resolution in LockOn. Unfortunately the resolution isnt made for the 16:10 TFTs.


So my question is: Which resolution do you guys play with on a 22" TFT?


My rig is pretty decent so please tell me the highest resolutions you guys use.


Thx in advance


Groove out.

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I have a Samsung TFT 32"... But because its a TV/ Monitor I'm forced to run it at native resolutions 1024x768.. I tired higher settins but got a blue screen with a "NO SIGNAL" message... But actually the picture is really awesome, even at this resolution...





intel Cor i7-6700K


G.Skill TridentZ Series 32 GB

Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SATA II


Windows 10 PRO

Thrustmaster Warthog

Oculus Rift VR

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@ Torwak, thx for the aspect ratio 1,6 hint. I hadnt the chance to change it while i tested. 1680x1050 without aspect ratio correction is a little bit strange :D


I can guess :chair:


Intel Core i7-6700K, @5GHz | Asus Maximus Hero VIII | 2 x eVGA GTX 970 SLI | Kingston Predator 16GB DDR4-3000Mhz | 2 x Samsung 850 PRO 240GB RAID-0 | AOC G2460PG G-SYNC LCD | OCULUS RIFT CV1 VR | THRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG | CH PRO PEDALS

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