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Gathering an Overview of Unrealistic Module Features and Loadouts


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Hello together,


for the purpose of building missions in a way of most possible realism, I would like to collect some data on features and loadouts, that are included in DCS modules, but should not be there as they do not belong on the aircraft type. I know that on some aircrafts there are settings to deactivate certain unrealistic features, but as I do not own all modules, I am not 100 % sure of what they are. Same goes for loadouts.


If we can collect those in one thread, this may also help others in the same position as I am.


I will make a start with one of the modules I do own and know pretty well:





-Unrealistic IR Pipper (I am currently unsure though, how to deactivate it through the mission editor)




-Gun Pods


-Combination of S-24 and S-5 Rokets

-Several other mixed loadouts


Furthermore I have read something about the Mirage 2000C not having the missile launch warning build in. This can be turned of via the mission editor.


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- 3*Maverick on LAU-88 (launch of inner rail Maverick should be avoided to minimize paint and rain erosion coating deterioration)

- Maverick on LAU-88 beside a TGP (Exhaust gas will vent into the cooling air inlet of the TGP and damage it)

- Weapons on stations 5, 6 and 7 (6 has to be empty when 5 and 6 are equipped, or 5 and 6 have to be empty if 7 is equipped)

- TER on station 5 or 6

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