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  1. Trying to model a few ships, thought of starting with something easy. The german Gepard class partol vessel. Modelling a ship's hull with reference sheets is not as easy as I expected
  2. Like the invisible FARP there should be an invisible runway you can place, so you can let AI planes land on roads or the multiple WWII airfields we got with the Marianas map
  3. I really don't know why ships can't do this, but a waypoint action "hold" for ships would be very nice.
  4. Maybe I'm just too blind to see it, but how do I use the liveries? Or more exactly, where do I extract them?
  5. These ships are so good and DCS definitely needs much more of these Have you thought about making some german ships? Like: - F122 Bremen Class - F123 Brandenburg Class - F124 Sachsen Class - F125 Baden Wuerttemberg Class - F260 Braunschweig Class Corvette - Berlin Class Replenishment Ship
  6. Did you try it with the Tomcat or the Hornet? In the Tomcat you still have to press Shift+U (I think it was..), the new comm option (and its hotkey) did not work for me
  7. Sehr hilfreich... Sehr lustig. RED wusste komischerweise, welchen Sound ich meinte.
  8. Was den Sound angeht fehlt mir aber definitiv dieses "Hochspulen", oder was auch immer das ist, hier zum Beispiel bei 00:50 - 00:52. Kommt später noch ein paar mal.
  9. That's absolutely not what I wanted to say with my posting..
  10. Yes, that was not the question. I still can switch to MAN or FD mode, just CCIP does not work. My question was, whether it is designed that way or a bug.
  11. You can't always solve a problem by throwing more guys at it. For example, 9 women still take 9 months to give birth to a child ;)
  12. I think when in a complete state the F-16 will be easier to master. Not sure about the systems, should be similar, but if you really want to "master" the aircraft, as the title says, in the F-18 you have additional carrier ops, F-16 is only land based, which makes it easier to master.
  13. You got what you paid for. A complete module (according to a list of features) at a not further specified date and early access to a version that is still under development. No one said, the hornet will get feature xy at date z, no one said hornet will get feature xy before module z gets it.
  14. I have a problem switching dumb bombs to CCIP. I do the following: 1) switching current steerpoint to TGT via HSI (I see the target waypoint on my HUD now) 2) switch to AG mode and select a dumb bomb, like MK84 3) HUD shows current mode is "AUTO" 4) Try to switch mode to "CCIP" using the Mode button on the STORES display -> It keeps saying "AUTO" on the HUD 5) switch mode to "MAN" or "FD", then switch mode to "CCIP"-> works Is that a bug or a feature?
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