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Few TCS questions.


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To those more knowledgeable about the Tomcat than I, I have a few questions about the TCS -Television Camera System.


I understand that the TCS could be slaved to the radar so you could see what you have locked.


But how functional was the TCS when not using it in operation with the radar? I've read that it had a "Automatic scan & lock" mode where it would continuously scan its available FOV and then lock on to any target it could see, How was this done? Contrast/Movement based I would guess? And was it at all effective? Did it have different levels of zoom?


I heard that in clear weather you could VID a Fighters sized contact with it at around 10 miles and a airliner/cargo plane sized contact out to around 50 miles. Does this sound about right?


And lastly did the TCS have any ability to lock onto a ground picture? I understood it had a relatively narrow FOV but could it be stabilised with the ground in pitch and yaw or was it only for use with air-to-air targets?




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I'm gonna guess no since I don't believe any of the gun cams work in any other aircraft, but I could be wrong about that.


im pretty sure the F-5 had a gun cam export to vid thing but i might have misinterpreted something since i never tried to use this feature or look in to it too much

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