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Tips to Go Fast?


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I have been messing around with the 21 for a while now, and I always hear about how this little aircraft can hit Mach 2, But I had never managed to hit that speed.


I know that as the air gets thinner, there's less drag on the aircraft, and a higher possible speed is attainable. I have tried hitting the performance ceiling and afterburning, but it was called a performance ceiling for a reason, and I couldn't get past 700km/h at about 12,000 meters.


What's the optimal altitude and strategies to hit that need for speed?

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well i dont think that i have reached mach 2 but i came close. A lot of things factor in when trying to reach the aircraft's max speed such as temperature, altitude, weight etc...


Try flying at 12,000 meters on a cold day until you run out of fuel.

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M2.0 is reserved for low drag configurations. You might do it with 2 missiles. You will not do it with 4 missiles and certainly not with any external fuel tank. M1.8 is the limit with most useful loads and M1.3 is a good pace with any significant drag.




If you're trying for a peacetime high speed run the procedure is an efficient climb (~780 kTAS) to about 10km. In combat pace missions where time matters it's 950 or 970 kTAS depending if the central tank is still attached (more drag, slower optimum). Anyway, the goal will be generally to have as much fuel as possible when at 10km height.




Then it's a level or slightly descending acceleration through M1.0. You don't want to descend too much or the increased density will hurt performance more than the descent helps acceleration (no less than 9.5km). You can absolutely zoom past 10km and then do a more severe descent to help with the transonic acceleration (e.g. 11-12km and then a dive back to 10km). The M0.95-M1.05 region is critical as the transonic drag is very high. Be aware that the cockpit gauge is not the most accurate indicator of actual Mach around this speed so you'll find what gauge indication matches reality.



Once you're at M1.10 then any descent to help acceleration should be stopped if you had one. Performance will get better and better as you get in the M1.3-M1.6 range.



And the rest is easy and takes care of itself. It will take a while though. The speed gain is slow but steady. The top end of speed should be about 1200-1300kIAS or M2.0-2.1 whichever is lower. If you hit the IAS limit then you can climb and increase Mach for that IAS.

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Per the books maximum speed procedure is about this:


-Take off with afterburner

-Climb to 10.000 m without afterburner

-Stay at 10.000 m and 530 km/h IAS until 130 km away from the airport

-Turn towards the airport

-Accelerate to 1200 km/h IAS with afterburner by decending about 1000 m

-Climb to 11.500 m at 1200 km/h IAS

-Level off and accelerate until hitting Mach 2.05 or 700 l fuel left

-Head back home


I was actually able to achieve Mach 2.25 in clean configuration this way, then the engine cut out, probably simulating engine failure due to overspeed.


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Huzzah! I have finally reached Mach 2.0, using clean pylons and a full fuel tank. i had started at around 10km, trying to keep the aircraft as level as possible. As soon as I hit around Mach 1.3 or so, i let go of the stick and allowed it to climb naturally. Keeping level at higher altitudes was tricky but i had managed to keep going faster. The moment I hit around Mach 2.2ish, my engine stalled, as shown in other people's experience, and the aircraft decelerated rapidly following that. Thankfully, I was able to re-start it before leveling out. Soon afterwards, I was blasted into oblivion by an AIM-120. So much for a happy landing, but it was well worth going that ludicrously fast.

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