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New to DCS world and questions with A-10c on CD

Gun Jam

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Ive been a long time owner of DCS A10c I got it on CD before DCS world existed or at least before it was required. With the upcoming F-14 im finally motivated to install DCS world 2.5



Its my understanding that DCS world 2.5 acts as the core for graphics or a foundation that can be added to. We purchase modules that operate in this environment or core which can include terrains and aircraft like the Nevada test range or the f-14...is that fairly accurate as to how the "world" can be described?



Now I download DCS world 2.5 and right away Im going to want to plug my A-10c into this world.



If I have it on CD how is that done?



The missions and campaign that came with it on cd does it transfer over or is it just jet sitting there and I go and buy a campaign that looks like it worth money or what?



What about the training missions?



What else should I know before installing DCS world 2.5?








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