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Bx6 and Bx7 position related to Bx8


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Quite a long time since last time I used RB15F, doing a self made mission to attack some cargo ships, I noticed how far away from plane route Bx6 and Bx7 were once I fixed Bx8 over the ships radar return.

Is that expected or can it be changed without manually repositioning Bx6 and Bx7?


Here is my Bx8 almost 120 km away



Here is Bx6 far to my right almost out of the radar scope



Here is Bx7 with the same direction of Bx6


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BX6 isn't a point. It's a distance.

BX 7, 8 and 9 are points.




It's done this way so you can launch your 15's from whatever angle you approach from, almost:


1. If the line from your actual position and BX7 places the BX6 distance over land, the 15's a probably going to crash into ground.

2. if the total turns that the 15's are required to make is more than 135 deg you can't fire.


The reason BX7 is a fixed point is seen from the image and the video (beolow): it's so that the 15 can use/avoid terrain features


You may want to watch this closely :)

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Thanks for the extensive explanation!

Truth is I have watched the video you linked just yesterday so I was aware of the things it says.

However the need to change bx6 and bx7 when the target bx8 is straight ahead seems to me a little annoying...

(especially in case you need to launch at max range I mean)

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That's when the Quick mode comes in handy, it's exactly why it's there :)


From the manual

“Quick” release mode is used when the trigger is unsafe in mode NAV or SPA. Missile will

lock on the first target it detects in front of it

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