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Improving GUI elements visibility options


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I just stumbled across a old video because I was looking for how to implement a JTAC and use it for buddy lasing since I never actually did that before. Probably will be useful as soon as we'll get the AGM-65E on the Hornet before getting ATFLIR.



I am amazed of how well readable the comms and the comm menu are. I still wonder why this been changed to that extra tiny, almost unreadable font. I'd love to have at least an option to have it the old way. I've been trying out some mods, but most don't work after 2.5 anymore and one that worked, just made the menu bigger, but with a very thin font. I think it's best if ED gave us some options here instead fsgrin.png


Same goes for the mouse cursor... it's roughly been twice the size just a few years ago, as can be seen here:



By the way, the old yellow fps counter font was a lot more visible, even though it never changed in size.


I'd very much appreciate... salute.png



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