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How smart are AI SAM operators - Shoot at RNE or sooner?


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How smart are the AI Surface to Air Missile operators in DCS?


I have seen some excellent tutorials on You Tube explaining the math and advantages of “cranking” when taking a head on shot in an air-2-air missile engagement. Against AI pilots in DCS this tactic seems to work very well as the AI pilot tends to shoot at max range but what about ground based AI SAM operators (who presumably flunked out of AI pilot school!).


If a SAM system in DCS is claiming 50 mile range, and the target aircraft is flying direct towards, does the AI “shoot” when the target is still 70+ miles away so as to achieve the “intercept” at the 50 miles?(where clearly a “crank” by the target will defeat the missile shot) Or does the AI SAM operator wait until the target is inside the 50 mile range bubble and then shoot (when the target is forced into chaff, manoeuvring and good luck to defeat the missile)


I know how this all works in the real world, but am interested in the DCS AI SAM operator mindset so that I can create some SEAD missions (who knows, we might be getting HARM for our legacy Hornets soon )




[edit: I couldn’t find a thread on SAMS to add this question to, if the Moderators know of one, please delete this post & I’ll search there – thanks]

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There are some script that improves the SAM AI


I have searched all over for this- where is it? Thanks in advance!!

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