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Set up controls crashed DCS


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Hello, I don't know if this problem has been experienced by someone else, but every time I try to map new controls for the AJS-37, the game freezes, showing only a black screen. Furthermore, controls are not saved upon restarting DCS.


I was able to map controls a while ago, this happened since I bough a Logitec X56 last week (don't know if the problem was there before since it was a long time since I mapped the controls for my old simple joystick).


Any hints?


Thanks in advance.

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Known issue, been there for a long time. Happens for other module as well, but most frequently for the Viggen for what I know.

Best way to do this is to start a mission, hit ESC, and go to the controls setup and do everything from there. Will not crash on you.

Helicopters and Viggen

DCS 1.5.7 and OpenBeta

Win7 Pro 64bit

i7-3820 3.60GHz

P9X79 Pro


GTX 670 2GB

VG278H + a Dell

PFT Lynx

TrackIR 5

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