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To start off... I have a crazy rig: 2x 2080Ti, 8700k @ 5.3, 32GB Ram, etc. Everything liquid cooled in a custom loop and overclocked. When I run DCS in full screen there are absolutely no issues at all and my frames get well over 100 fps even on max everything.


The challenge for me is that my simpit (linked in my signature) runs 6 additional displays and has to run DCS in window mode. Window mode, as you likely know, is not very performant. With that said, my frames can get as low as 30 fps when near a bunch of objects and as high as 60 (when up in the sky).


Does anyone have a similar issue? Is there a way to pull the displays (AMPCD, MFDs, RWR, etc.) from the game without having to run in window mode?

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In response to your first question... I run a 65” 4K Sony TV with a 1080ti (see signature below) and I would typically see +100 FPS. As soon as I added two 7” 1024 displays for my MFCDs and a small display for my CDU, frame rates dropped below 45fps. It’s still a smooth animation so it’s not really an issue.


Can't help with your 2nd question.


John W

aka WarHog.


My Cockpit Build Pictures...

John Wall


My Arduino Sketches ... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-Dc0Wd9C5l3uY-cPj1iQD3iAEHY6EuHg?usp=sharing



WIN 10 Pro, i8-8700k @ 5.0ghz, ASUS Maximus x Code, 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram,

AIO Water Cooler, M.2 512GB NVMe,

500gb SSD, EVGA GTX 1080 ti (11gb), Sony 65” 4K Display

VPC MongoosT-50, TM Warthog Throttle, TRK IR 5.0, Slaw Viper Pedals

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What you want is the ability for a 2nd device to read the necessary data from the PC running the sim, then for the 2nd device to populate the instrument displays. That should eliminate the impact on the frame rates. I don't have a such a setup, but it seems others do.


Eventually, I want to support front control panels for various aircraft. I intend to make separate panels that slide in front of one or more displays. If and when I get to this point, I will need to figure out how to do what you need to do.


Good luck! Hopefully, someone who has already done this will chime in... maybe the software used is Helios?


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