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DCS Beta Update


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Hello. I just have to post this as I don't feel comfortable with this new update.


1. I am noticing a lot of video memory usage. I am using my 1080ti with 11 gigs of ram and when I run the game in single mission, instant action free flight, I notice my video card usage is at 9 gigs and climbs up to 10 gigs? and just keeps climbing. My game used to play using around 5 gigs all the time. I mean multi or single never used this amount. Never.



2.Another anomaly I have noticed with this new update is that my graphics card in the game keeps using more and more memory. Is it not supposed to refresh the memory it uses!!! instead of just using more and more at one time. I was flying with the memory usage number at 11000+ and my game was freezing up and stuttering like crazy.


3. We are now getting all sorts or weirds black screens on load up, which never used to be there???


So what is going on. This to me is a spelling out GRAPHICS MEMORY LEAK!!! in the game and can we expect a fix soon :(

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