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Question/Suggestion: Common Jester commands as bindable to keys?


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Besides switching waypoints and 'break lock', are there Jester commands that are bindable to buttons?


Some commands that are commonly used would be great to have as map-able options for quick refernce, to avaid going into the jester-rose for all things, especially in the heat of battle.


Some of the commands on the top of my head.


1. Lock nearest enemy target

2. STT lock TWS target target (1,2,3,4,5,6)

3. Drop tanks

4. Tune radio next/previous preset.

5. Radar on/off.

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Absolutely! +1000


Jester advise us when we're out of chaff & flares.

Add some kind of bindable and simple "chaff!" "flare!" and "chaff/flare.

Jester menu command, so he can display Time-to-Go on the TID.

For Carrier Ops: If hook/gear/flaps-down, skip Traffic callouts.

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