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New Sticky request: Missing features/bugs


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I'm not sure why most of the forums here don't have a sticky for the planned, yet missing features or bugs. I see many bug reports or questions on these forums for things that either aren't yet implemented or have been acknowledged as known bugs. I think it would also help those making a purchasing decision on deciding whether or not they want to dive in to an aircraft by seeing a complete, honest assessment of what has yet to be added.


I will list some things here, and as users post updates I will keep it up to date. I will wait a day before adding anything posted to allow time for testing and other users to confirm something really is indeed a bug or missing feature, as false reports are inevitable.


Further, I will try to logically categorize these things as best I can, but the categorization will change as things are added to better suit the totality of the reports.



Weapons delivery

-Toss bombing drops long every time regardless of G pulled or other flight parameters

-BK90 wind correction is backwards

-No wind correction for PLAN, DYK, NAV, RDR bombing modes

-Cannot set BX8 point for RB15f in multiplayer

-DYK sight now exhibits odd behavior, "crawls up screen" as opposed to allowing stable designation. Need developer confirmation if this is intentional, as it doesn't seem like it, and that update only listed changes to PLAN, not DYK. See this video for it's implementation before the July update that changed PLAN bomb sight behavior and compare it to current behavior. Also note the steering order starts from the bottom and moves up like it should. Now it starts from the top, making it useless:

Skip to 4:39



-Magnetic Declination does not move

-Roll Trim Center inoperable

-Rudder trim pin missing


I know I'm missing a lot, just trying to get this started. I'd like to start on of these for the AV8B next once we stabilize the Viggen. With the recent announcement of the Viggen coming out of EA in Q4, I think it's important we track what is going on. I will check this thread twice daily and hopefully if the mods think it useful they'll sticky it for everyone's benefit.

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think it´s a pitty that the Viggen don´t updates as frequent as before but I guess that the F14 Tomcat take most of Heatblurs time right now of Which I can understand. Though We are a lot of paying customers of the Viggen and I think that we can expect updates in the future since there´s still a lot of bugs, I love the Viggen and I would enjoy it even more when It´s as perfect as it´s orginal. Maybe heatblur is working on a big update, would be nice to get information from them once in a while.

A few bugs, several of them I reported about when the Viggen was released and still hasn´t been updated.



- "SYRGAS" or Oxygen is illuminated when"HUVUDSTRÖM" or Main Power is ON and the oxygen level is low or the Oxygen valve is shut of and the light goes off when the valve is open during prestart.


-"Oljetryck" or oilpressure is also illuminated when Huvudström or Main Power is on and the light goes off when the engine spools up and build up oilpressure.


-"MAN BR REG" The light goes off when the engine spools up past 9 percent RPM and that is correct but the light also illuminates when the emergency switch "BRÄREGL" is switched from "AUT" to "MAN" position.


- I haven´t tried "NÖDTRIM ROLL" but have tried "NÖDTRIM TIPP" and when you do that you can´t trim with the hat on the stick and that is correct but when you after that pull out and then press back in the fuse "TRIMSYST" you should be able to trim the aircraqft with the hat again but in the simulator you can´t.


-Still problem with graphics when you have the radar in 60km radarrange.


-Lysbomb doesn´t illuminate after first release and when you rearm with Lysbomb it doesn´t release at all at second attack.


- Might be Eagle Dynamic that has to make an update in TILS. When you make a "LANDNING NAV" landing and it change from LB to LF on some airports the toughdown point is on the other end of the runway which makes you come in way to high over the threshold eventhough you set the right runway in the datapanel.


-Hard to see the GROUP" and "BASE" selector window and it´s numbers when you fly during nighttime.

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I haven´t looked at the FPS but It drops alot especially when I fly low over water with radarrange 60 km and when I change radarrange to 120,30 or 15 km it works all fine again. I fly with VR and I don´t know if it occurs flying without VR. There is a tread about this problem in "BUGS AND PROBLEMS" and I don´t know how to explain it but the picture gets weird as well.

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I know the radar in mountains can cause horrendous FPS drop, I've had the same in the Mirage near the ground though so I'm not 100% convinced it's Viggen specific. As it does affect the Viggen enough that someone instantly told me to turn the radar off when I mentioned it, it is not just me...


Add "roadside base rearming is very unreliable in MP" to the list.

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- The CK display is still missing the dash '-' sign. This is especially a problem in TAKT/OUTPUT mode to show weapons status.

- Additionally the currently selected station(s) isn't blinking as it should. This is especially a problem when using IR FAST SELECT to cycle between different Sidewinder variants, as you have no indication which one is selected. I'm not even sure if cycling by pressing IR FAST SELECT is even working, which it should. :dunno:

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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


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