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Refueling Confusion


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I`m a little confused about two issues when refueling:cry:


I fly up to 1 km behind the tanker which is at an altitude of 1995m (set at 2000m in the mission builder).


I can only set my altitude at integrals of 10m, thats to say 1990m or 2000m.


What is strange is that if the tanker is at 1995m and I am at 1990m sometimes I am well below the tanker and sometimes I am at the same level even though the figures are the same.


How far below the tanker should I be, and is it possible to fly at an exact altitude instead of increments of 10.


My second problem is that I set the auto thrust to cruse up behind the tanker. I gradually reduce my speed until for the final connection I`m doing just 1 km/h quicker. The hose connects and I try to reset the auto thrust to the same speed as the tanker, but it wont disengage, I simply slide under the tanker until the nozzle disconnects and I`m told to break away. :doh:


I`ve tried setting the speed at the same as the tanker just before the nozzle connection which works but it takes forever to get to the connection.


I`m sure that I`m doing something wrong, any pointers :thumbup:

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