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  1. Yo you skinny MoFo!

  2. It's been a while........

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    2. 159th_Viper


      I've got 'Days won' in my profile. Anybudea what that is about?

    3. MTFDarkEagle


      @setup: thanks dude 🙂 Long history with this pit and really like it...

      The seat chassis does need a rework, and I'm currently redesigning the hole thing, just because 😛

      This particular seat is a bit annoying, in the fact that the four mounting pounts underneath are all at different height levels... But, those are all problems which are workaroundable 🙂


      LOL Days won... Apparently, when I hove my mouse over it, it says: "The number of times 159th_Viper had the most number of content likes for a day"..

      So 37 times you were the most liked character on here hehe 😛

    4. 159th_Viper


      Lol I see hahahaha. What will the forum genie think of next?

  3. 159th_Viper


    Tried NiceHash and earning a dollar sixty a day :D What are the best/most cost-effective GPU’s people are using these days?
  4. 1gX1EP6mG-E And the fan compilation: hOP1WGZNIKY
  5. Seems to be region-dependant. I'm getting OK speeds atm:
  6. GA, you captured the spirit and essence of what it is to be a DCS pilot/ground commander, which is far more important than the visuals and eye-candy of 2.5......truly emotional..... Your best offering to date bar none. Well done Sir, well done indeed! ~S~
  7. Baie beslis - definitief ‘n uitstekende idee! Definitely agree - brilliant idea!
  8. Try trimming after smaller attitude adjustments. Ten degrees at once is a lot for the stability augmentation channels to keep up with without the deviation you are experiencing.
  9. It was the longest time before I even realized they were capable of being smashed :megalol:
  10. Yes, the time-period is under consideration. The decision to implement a new DRM software however is not.
  11. I am sure that 50 pages of feedback is enough to make that determination :) If not, they can, as you propose and if they feel so inclined (see EB-1's post above), post another poll.
  12. That ship has sailed: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3304775&postcount=1 What possible use is a new poll if a decision has already been made?
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