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  1. Yo you skinny MoFo!

  2. It's been a while........

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    2. 159th_Viper


      I've got 'Days won' in my profile. Anybudea what that is about?

    3. MTFDarkEagle


      @setup: thanks dude 🙂 Long history with this pit and really like it...

      The seat chassis does need a rework, and I'm currently redesigning the hole thing, just because 😛

      This particular seat is a bit annoying, in the fact that the four mounting pounts underneath are all at different height levels... But, those are all problems which are workaroundable 🙂


      LOL Days won... Apparently, when I hove my mouse over it, it says: "The number of times 159th_Viper had the most number of content likes for a day"..

      So 37 times you were the most liked character on here hehe 😛

    4. 159th_Viper


      Lol I see hahahaha. What will the forum genie think of next?

  3. 159th_Viper


    Tried NiceHash and earning a dollar sixty a day :D What are the best/most cost-effective GPU’s people are using these days?
  4. 1gX1EP6mG-E And the fan compilation: hOP1WGZNIKY
  5. Seems to be region-dependant. I'm getting OK speeds atm:
  6. GA, you captured the spirit and essence of what it is to be a DCS pilot/ground commander, which is far more important than the visuals and eye-candy of 2.5......truly emotional..... Your best offering to date bar none. Well done Sir, well done indeed! ~S~
  7. Baie beslis - definitief ‘n uitstekende idee! Definitely agree - brilliant idea!
  8. Try trimming after smaller attitude adjustments. Ten degrees at once is a lot for the stability augmentation channels to keep up with without the deviation you are experiencing.
  9. It was the longest time before I even realized they were capable of being smashed :megalol:
  10. Yes, the time-period is under consideration. The decision to implement a new DRM software however is not.
  11. I am sure that 50 pages of feedback is enough to make that determination :) If not, they can, as you propose and if they feel so inclined (see EB-1's post above), post another poll.
  12. That ship has sailed: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3304775&postcount=1 What possible use is a new poll if a decision has already been made?
  13. Any chance of posting up a track or video of a take-off showing your Controls Indicator In-Cockpit?
  14. I will repost the post here as there is some sage advice in this particular post that begs repeating: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=814262&postcount=29 This was incidentally posted putting an end to yet another Starforce DRM rant IIRC here we still are - we’ll get there and things will work out. Just gotta keep our cool :)
  15. ED have in the past specifically stated that the DRM requirement will be lifted in the event that they go out of business.
  16. You know, you had my undivided attention up and until that point right there. I was going to address your post, but I'll politely refrain. Regarding the remark you apparently find 'snide', I was trying to be helpful to the OP I addressed in the post you quoted, nothing more. I stated that 'Interpretation is a bugger' because it is precisely that: A bugger. One of the most difficult courses (Law of Interpretation) one undertakes when studying for one's law degrees, for reasons quite obvious to us that have gone through it and with a bit of forethought, to others as well - it's in the title. Also a veritable minefield when engaged in litigation where common law solely relies on the correct interpretation of any written judgement and indeed in statutory law as well. You automatically inferring my intent to be 'snide' in that sentence is, well, what can I say. Thought I'd attempt to bring the intent across with a smiley face but that was apparently lost completely. To Cnuke, if you also interpreted that sentence as being snide then I apologise unreservedly. As I said, interpretation is indeed a bugger it would seem.
  17. Do you have confirmation of this Skate? An answer would be dandy :)
  18. Upon subsequent activation (for whatever reason, be it authentication, hardware change, etc etc): There's even a support-chat-lassie you can speak to on the Starforce website :D
  19. One can then argue that you bought a module knowing that activation via the internet is required. That much is pretty obvious as it's mentioned all over the store pages. It does not state that you only have to activate once. It does not state that you have to activate ten times. It states that you have to activate, leading to the inference that activations are required at intervals to be determined. Now you further agreed to the following in terms of section 3.2, and I quote: “3.2 You acknowledge that the Program has not been developed to meet your individual requirements and that it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the Program as described in the Documentation meet your requirements.” As you can see, the onus is on you, the consumer, to ensure that you can activate the product as and when required via an Internet connection, as described, when you purchased the product. In this instance it's every fourth day, hopefully to be extended. Interpretation is a bugger :) All that said, let's hope that TFC/ED can come up with a reasonable solution that will, if not placate all parties, at least placate the majority.
  20. Would have been had you not consented to Jurisdiction in terms of Section 10.3 :)
  21. The EULA specifically states that the module you are licence is non-transferable. As such, even if Starforce Proactive was still applicable to your module purchase, you could never control what you did with it, apart from keep it for yourself or terminate your licence and destroy the software. Fine-print is a bugger :)
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