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159th Guards Aviation Regiment


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159th Guards Aviation Regiment - The Pirates of the Crimean!




Bombing, shooting and drinking since 2003



A squad that was founded flying Russian aircraft exclusively, we have found this harder to maintain in recent times due to the release almost entirely of western airframes, and as such we are open to flying many of those available to DCS, which these days are mostly the F/A-18, AV-8B, AJS-37, Ka-50, Mi8MT and Gazelle. We do retain our original fast-movers the Su-27/33 and Su-25 T and A. We do fly other types as desired in ad-hoc flights. We have members who are located in Europe and North America and we have a dedicated server that is located in Germany.


Our regular Sunday squad-flights are held on our own dedicated server and these take place at 20:00 UK time throughout the year. The dedicated-server is available to anyone to use at all other times of the year, and we welcome requests for specific mission if desired, to use during non-squad running.


Our comms are via Discord and in-game we use SRS to add some realism to precedings. For the most part we build our own missions, many of which have a carrier based element involved. We try to incorporate a mix of mission types and this includes helo operations which have been a big part of our ops since they were first introduced into DCS.



We have our long established –though currently in need of updating- web-site and our own squad-forums. The web-site is due for replacement with Facebook and Discord pages. Our squad has never ceased to operate in the time since being introduced in 2003 and we intend on being here for many more years –although perhaps with changes over time if these become necessary dependant upon the direction DCS heads with their modules etc.



If you would like to have a look at our squad or learn more, then head over to our web-pages and forums –thanks for the interest, Archer CO 159th GAR.

For info re our squad, please use only our forums as no other source is monitored daily.







159th Guards Aviation Regiment; recruiting now! http://www.159thgar.com/

We now fly all modern Jets and Helos

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Bombing, shooting and drinking since 2003.



I can certainly attest to that last part! If you are interested in combined PvE/PvP ops in some of the most challenging missions and don't mind the banter that comes along with being a Crimean Pirate, you'll absolutely love this squad!

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Hi Archer! 🙂

I'd like to join.



met vriendelijke groet,



"умный, спортсмен, комсомолетс"




[TABLE]SPECS: i9-9900K 32gigs RAM, Geforce 2070RTX, Creative XFi Fata1ity, TIR5, Valve Index & HP Reverb, HOTAS Warthog, Logitech G933 Headset, 10Tb storage.[/TABLE]

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