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2.5.6 - Hydraulic tranfer pump


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Hi, Ive tested startup from cold, and when I had right engine up I air cranked left engine to 3000psi hydr. pressure (with with hydr transfer pump off), then

returned crank switch to neutral watched LH hydr pressure drop a little to see a decrease and switched the hydr. tranfer pump back on.


But to my surprise it did not led to rise in LH hydr. pressure. Hydr. transfer pump had no effect and LH hydr pressure went to 0.



Im pretty sure it was working OK before patch, Its not a anything major, just can you have a look at it?




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Just a little update.


Pump is still not working from cold start for me, but I went ahead and flown a practice flight.

After I landed and as I was shutting off left engine, I left the hydr. transfer pump on and pressure held at 3000psi, then I swithed the pump off and pressure dropped as it should, after reengaging the pump pressure went back up to 3000psi.


Ive cycled it few times and it worked OK as it should.



Might do something with not be able to remove ground power in cold startup in 2.5.6 maybe? Only way now is just to move the plane to screams of plane captain...

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I am not exactly sure if this is the same problem, but:


Game manual, p. 348.


After step 13. ENG CRANK switch to L (Left engine), pressure having reached 3000 psi, and setting the ENG CRANK switch back to off:


When executing step 14: HYD TRANSFER PUMP switch to NORMAL, combined side hydraulic pressure is supposed to be maintained at between 2400-2600 psi.


With, the pressure drops to 0 psi instead.

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Make sure you disconnect external power first after starting right engine.



According to F-14B natops flight manual:


"...,the HYD TRANSFER PUMP will not operate if the external power plug is still

in the aircraft receptacle."

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Thanks, that was indeed the problem!


Minor thing though, in the note to step 14 it says that the hydraulic transfer pump "[w]ill operate from flight side to maintain combined side at between 2400-2600 psi."


In the game, when switching to NORMAL after returning the engine crank switch to neutral, the pressure in the combined side stays at 3000 psi instead of dropping to 2400-2600 psi.

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