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First of all I apologize for the successive bug reports, the thing is that I love the Hornet and I fly a lot, so I tend to find minor bugs. Like a few members have pointed out, when you designate a waypoint or TGP point as a TGT it won't slave if you have a JDAM in PP mode selected, but if you select TOO then the slaving occurs. I noticed that this is not the case with JSOW which one would suppose it's the same in terms of avionics interface. Maybe its not the JSOW which is wrong but the JDAM behaviour. So I leave this to the ED devs of course. Whish it helps. Thanks. Track attached.

pp too tgt.trk

Stay safe

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Friendly bump :)

Nice bump hein. I didn't notice the difference in how it slaves between the two, but I have not done any mission runs with the JSOW either. Nice find! :thumbup:

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