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What new features can we expect to see in the J-11A module?

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The community has been rather curious what the new J-11A from Deka would mean in addition to the new R-77 capability and air frame tweaks (like ant smash lights and new antennae & canopy you've added)




What would this update bring?


We've heard mention of MFI-55 but we'd like to know what exactly its capable of




Also would it include 1 new MFD? Would it have a new RWR? Possibly a MAWS system? a Peer to Peer data link?

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It would be nice if they told us flat out what features it would bring

The 12 second video doesn't really tell me much at least and the information on it is not in English only in russian and its hard to discern if things like KAB-500KR and Kh-29T compatibility are a result of winder upgrade programmes or just the MFI-55

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This is still awfully vague


Will this allow the J-11A to see target altitudes and speeds?

Will the limit on contacts which can be displayed be increased and by how much?


Will you now be able to add multiple waypoints manually?


Will there be fighter to fighter and peer to peer modes?




That's what I'd like to know

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