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  1. Some of the current threads on the forum here might help, I can specifically help you answer any questions you have. But yes I will write a new section and release it when I can. Know that if you don’t change anything, it will behave exactly the way it did before the patch
  2. Even when I had regular CH pedals, low end stuff, I wanted the option to have Yaw AL in dampening mode at all times and be able to have manual control of micro switches so it only enters heading hold when I want it to. So yes I think your mostly right, Atleast this set up, the default set up is what it was like before and what people are familiar with. But no matter what pedals you have how good or bad, the heading hold when centered with “disabled by return to nuetral” will make the yaw AP fight your turns/maneuvers when close to center. So yeah, up to the user, it depends how much you know about the system, and how much you care about using it the way that fits you best. I bet you nearly half the people that fly with Mi-24P just keep yaw autopilot off except for straight and level flight, so it matters little to then unless they desire enhanced stability of dampening mode, like I did I do think it is helping me aim more accurately, and fly smoother, being able to have dampening mode no matter the pedal position. And heading hold even works better becuase I can have the pedals deflected very far and still have it work. Word of caution to people, if like me you assign pedal micro switches to a switch so it stays on/off. When you first turn on yaw autopilot it will default to heading hold mode (as “automatic off” implies”) no matter the switch position. So for people like me, who use dampening mode as the main mode for smooth/stable flying, you will need to move the switch after turning on yaw autopilot to get dampening mode no matter the position of the physical real life switch
  3. No. Trim does nothing for pedals but make it so centered pedals don’t always have to be held. With your setup where nothing centers. The only thing where trim would make a difference is cyclic, as releasing cyclic trim also tells the autopilot pitch and roll what attitude to maintain Yes. It used to be if you had pedal trim selected the cyclic trim button would trim both. Now you can choose to trim pedals separately, or to still have cyclic trim button trim everything
  4. It says a lot about Jf-17 and Deka that this was one of the biggest mysteries about JF-17. Where the manual laser control was done. Happy to it resolved
  5. Why do you have a specific complaint or something?
  6. only other thing I think it really needs is manual. But I understand why there hasn’t been one. It’s pretty simple to operate already, and chucks guide does a great job for telling us procedures
  7. Here’s joystick gremlin if anyone wants to turn a button into a switch/toggle/hold. you assign it under the vjoy column in control section so it’s only a toggle/hold/switch for the particular module/binding you assign. You’ll probably need to also run vjoy to make it work, that one is harder to find https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/download/ I used joystick gremlin for the past 8 months to turn off yaw AP automatically when pedals were close to center so I only had dampening and never heading hold. But with this patch I deleted that function, and just is it to add switches to axis. Like my twist stick, I have one button when I twist it left all the way and another button when twisting it right all the way. Makes it like having two extra HOTAS buttons
  8. Yeah default trim was changed to instant. I assigned the micro switch bind to a switch, so I just need to flip it and it holds. I’m sure you can also rig something up with joystick gremlin pretty easy to turn a button into a toggle/hold. If it goes all the way one direction and stays that’s heading hold mode. It’s easiest to tell in a constant turn, it will always move in the opposite direction of the turn. Since dampening mode only fights CHANGES in movement rate, it will be neutral during a constant bank angle turn, and only try to slow down the turn speeding up and fight is slowing down. It’s basically impossible to get full deflection constantly in dampening mode, you can reach full deflection if day your at low speed or hover and stomp on the pedal, but as soon as soon as the turn becomes consistent it will go neutral.
  9. Wow you’re right!!!!! Didn’t see that before but I do know! How interesting, I’m surprised there’s enough room in the shroud. I’ll have to look at pictures of the shroud removed to see exactly where the casing come out!!
  10. I haven’t heard of anyone Getting the disable by detection of movement to work. I always thought that mode would be least popular becuase In a steady turn Where pedal position would stay the same, the pedal being the same would activate heading hold and fight the turn But the people I’ve talked to thatve tried the “disable by detection of movement” seem to say it’s extremely sensitive, and basically always dampening and never in heading hold fighting your turn. Is that your experience? That it’s not fighting turns and trying to maintain heading but only fighting changes in rate of movement? You can tell by looking at the left most window on the top right of the R control + enter menu. If it’s always dampening you and not heading holding, and that’s what you’re happy with. It might be worth setting micro switche logic to “automatic off” and binding the “Yaw Autopilot pedal align (Y on keyboard)” bind to a switch so it stays on. Becuase if it’s only the dampening that’s making you happy, there’s a chance with “disable by detection of movement” that at some point during a turn or attack it may unexpectedly detect not movement, put it in heading hold, and fight your heading change But that’s just something you might want to experiment with an try, just do what works. I’m glad you got it to work well and make your aiming/flying smoother I appreciate the compliments. I have an autopilot guide that’s linked in a thread here, but the yaw section is now outdated. I will update it and re publish as soon as I can
  11. Only thing I would add, the “micro switches logic” section with the “Disable by setting to neutral” and “disable by detection of pedal movement” only applies to yaw AP micro switches and not trim. But yes that is your choice once you figure out how you want the trim. I have a FFB stick so I can’t comment too much on return to center trim, but everything rogorogo said about trimming seems right. And for OP, @dresoccer4, the main conversation on the current update’s additions to special options and micro switch behavior is thus thread Yes the title doesn’t fit. I didn’t anticipate it becoming a help thread but I should have. I only named it that becuase I have been talking about this issue and making threads for it since fall
  12. Not really correct. You still have to turn Yaw AP on manually with the button, it just changes how the Yaw AP interacts with you, the human machine interface so to speak. I have it bound to a switch so I don’t have to hold it constantly. When pressed, it won’t leave yaw autopilot in last position. It will center it if you’re still. But any change in movement will be fought by it. If I start a turn, micro switches are held down and yaw AP on, it is in dampening mode becuase micro switch is held. When I turn, it will initially fight the rapid increase in yaw rate, slowing it down, but as you settle into the turn and yaw rate stays the same, it will go back to neutral. As you stop the turn, it will fight the slow down in yaw rate, but after you completely stop turning it will go back to nuetral, as there is now no change in yaw rate to dampen. This helps you change direction more smoothly, especially weapon aiming, fight rapid changes in yaw rate as you move collective, adverse yaw. But reading your post again maybe I misunderstood, if by keeping yaw in last position when micro switch is released you mean heading, then yes. When released the yaw AP will do everything in it’s power to keep you on the heading you we’re in when heading hold was engaged/micro switch released. If you have pedal trim enabled, when it reaches its 18% limit it will start to trim you to maintain heading. In order to have it work like that, you need “micro switch logic” set to “Automatic Off.” What that does is automatically have yaw AP in heading hold and micro switch released, and any switch from heading hold to dampening and back is by pressing and releasing the bind. It is your choice for trim. If like me you want no trim, just select no trim under “Pedal trimmer button.” You can have it trim with your cyclic trim button same time as cyclic, or use micro switch button to be able to trim pedals separately. And then pedal trimmer mode is same as regular trimmer mode, you choose if you want return to center type trimming or instant(.5 second delay after trimming before trim position takes effect).
  13. It’s not necessarily new, it could always heading hold or dampen you. It just allows you to choose same as before “disable by return pedals to neutral” or a different method “only enable heading hold when pedals aren’t moved and enable dampening mode when movement detected”, or full manual control of the micro switches. If you don’t change anything it will be same as before. You can just change trimmer button, and pedal trim style
  14. Lots of threads on the topic already. But in short in real life there are switches that detect feet on the pedals. You put foot on pedals. Yaw autopilot only dampens movement. Take feet off and yaw AP holds heading. In Mi-8 and Mi-24 up until last patch this was simulated by having yaw AP in heading hold when pedals were within 9% of center. In Mi-8 it’s less of an issue becuase there is no dampening function. But Mi-24 has it when not in heading hold mode, it helps stability, reduce Dutch roll, increase weapon accuracy. And when it’s in heading hold mode, It will fight turns and when yaw AP reaches its 18% limit it will trim pedals without your consent. And becuase this is a helicopter, sometimes pedals are close to center when turning and puts it in heading hold fighting your turn and trimming you. So before you either had to avoid turning on yaw AP, over coordinate your turns, or like me use joystick gremlin profile to turn off yaw AP when within 9% of center. This just changes how it’s activated. Disabled by return to nuetral is how it was before patch. Automatic off gives you full manual control lane only changes AP mode through the micro switch bind (keyboard button Y). You can assign it to also trim pedals, or have cyclic trim also trim pedals. That’s the shortest version I have explained all day. ED made a good choice to have defeault set up be same as it was before patch, so nothing changes if you don’t know what this does, but if you know you can take advantage of the options. It’s been a pet peeve of mine that I’ve talked endlessly about on the forums here on almost any thread having to do with yaw and autopilot. Having this solution and these options is more then I ever hoped or expected.
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