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Not reading AO Red Channel from PBR RoughMet map?


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After today's updates on Mi-8 I have noticed quite a disgusting surprise.




I use my own PBR textures for Mi-8, and with my custom AO map, I was able to get rid of the Armor Plates awful "shadowed" areas in the not litten part of the model.


It seems that now it is not reading the RoughMet texture AO map (Red Channel) anymore and loading the default one. Metalic and Rough channels are working properly.


Am I right? Any idea about why this is happening after the latest patch?


* Noticed I posted in wrong place... sorry. Could somebody move this to: Art Issues (3D, textures, animations) Please



Thank you

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Thanks for the warning. However, all the mods I use so far seem to keep working fine after the update. This stuff of the PBR-AO map seems really "intriguing" to me. :huh:


Would be great BIGNEWY's support here, I am very happy to see that many of the issues reported by him to the devs have been fixed so far, in a pretty short period of time :thumbup:


Un Saludo tambien paco2002 :]

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