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Changing smoke colour dynamically


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Well to start off, I've searched the forums and can't see this has been asked before.


We'd like to be able to change our smoke colour during flight.


So as an example, we have a white and a red smoke pod, during a manouever we select smoke and it comes out white, at the top of the loop we switch to red smoke.


I've been trawling through the lines of code in the files and here is my conclusion so far:


I've found the lines of code in the mission .mis file which designates the payload and allocates the smoke pod colour. But the file can't be changed externally, only through mission editor.


I have a buddy that has written an app that sits behind lockon that changes text in a file with a key press trigger.

If I can find the file that holds the RGB values of the smoke, and assuming lockon doesn't load the details to memory rather than dynamically, then I can change them in the background.


I've also found info in the meinit.xml file that can be changed by the external program, but i'm not sure limiting the smoke options in the meinit file will trigger the game to change the smoke, or get confused?


I think the key is to find the RGB values for the smoke, so does anyone know where these are held, or are they hard coded into the game engine?


Thanks for your help.

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