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Please Fix F-4 FM before GFM

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I know the GFM is coming to resolve the issues here, but this could take quite some time and a quick n' dirty fix would be highly appreciated. The F-4 AI is so out of place energy wise, it is unbeatable in a MiG-21bis. Just tone it down by like 30% for the lowest difficulty setting and let the others untouched.

That is a huge problem, because this is next to the F-5 the only other adequate opponent. As soon as I see an F-4 in a mission, especially in DCS Liberation 2.0, it becomes an exercice in frustration. Unbeatable in a dogfight.

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Mover, although a real pilot, is pretty lost when in terms of DCS. Even he was able to get on the Phantom's six multiple times in his MiG-21 video.




Don't think the AI F-4 has ever been an issue for me or a lot of other people, you might wanna change your appraoch.



There are definetely some AI aircraft out there who way outperform, like the F-5 one which has unlimited thrust.


Just wanted to say that maybe you are not giving the best example.



Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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In the video you linked you can see how he instantly manages to get behind the F-4 and just about stay there with a few sight losses. However, if the lowest level AI is behind you, it absolutely stays glued on your 6 and won't budge from there.




You even can see in some maneuvers how the MiG-21bis goes out of energy and almost spins, while the F-4 doesn't care. There is even a comment at 28:19 in the top left which says exactly that, that a maneuver should have caused a spin for the F-4.




Do you talk about the F-5 or F-5E?

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