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i was playing lock on and it bugged up, luckily i didnt have any savgames etc


i though i would just uninstall and reinstall and when u checked back the bug was gone, and instead when i pressed f4 (view behind) i go a view about where the airbreak is, so i tried to uninstall anyway


but i got an error when uninstalling and then lock on wouldnt start,

i tried deleting all the filest and installing again but i "dont have acces" to them even tho im admin, but i manages to delete them evetually


and now the disc still says uninstall?




Virtual Australian Air-Force :thumbup::joystick::pilotfly:

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Get some registry cleaner or good uninstaller, that'll fix it. Unfortunatly I don't have any specific tips on which program(s) to use (on the work computer), but google "registry cleaner" or "uninstaller" and you'll find something..


It's so f***ing rediculous that you'll need to do stuff like this with Windows, no other OS is unable to uninstall and get rid of things.. :doh:


Anyway, hope you get it sorted out!!

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i had a similar experiance not long ago i had a hard lock game crashed (when i was winning) anyway reboot lockon was stuffed currupted i guess. only way to fix it was start again fron the cd.

evga e760 x58 3way mb

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intell 980x

1860 dominaters triple channel

corsair 800d case

2xintell m160g gen 2 ssd in raid 0

corsair hx1000 psu

win 7 64 ult

all fully water cooled by ek

dell u2711 monitor 2560x1440



plus das keybrd

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