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  1. Yeah, kinda like that. But a lighter/easier. The current APIs are: Oculus (Very closed source) OpenVR (aka SteamVR - what DCS supports*) OpenXR (Legitimately open source) Most apps currently use OpenVR (I'll call that SteamVR from now on) WMR natively supports OpenXR and can bridge to SteamVR. Yes, that has a performance impact - it shouldn't be much but it is undesirable. SteamVR is kinda bloated and crap on its own though, with lots of little issues. Going forward I'd expect more devs to support OpenXR directly, so no bridging required. Alternatively we may get some update to OpenComposite - a tool that sneakily converts games from SteamVR -> Oculus currently so no need for bridging! That guy is working on SteamVR -> OpenXR at the moment but it's a little ways off. Ei
  2. Yep, it's all working fine.
  3. This feature sounds awesome but unfortunately causes my DCS to crash (hehe) Re: Slow camera movements. I'm trying to see if it's possible to use a gamepad for camera controls. I lent my TrackIR to a friend years back (VR!) and am only now realising that I can't quite get videos the same way. Doing the best I can despite the limitations but still...
  4. Cheers for the reply! I'm talking about without MW50. Under those conditions you can't go full throttle so the RPM governor is never goes above ~2400RPM. Oil temps are always low even at "full" throttle.
  5. In this case it was an (accidental?) exploit of the AI ground avoidance. This causes the spit to turn away and "go dumb" until it is away from the scary, scary ground. Without using the ground, the point still stands. And I think the real point is that the cheating AI issue is especially severe on the Spitfire (and Mig15). They don't lose energy as they should, and can climb/fight at crazy AoA's. If anybody finds a way to exploit the AI on the Spit it'd be good to know. I don't even have the Dora, and while there is a way to defeat the Spit in the 109K4 it isn't very realistic. (High speed into very slight spiral climb, don't tighten until the spit is already stalling)
  6. Manual RPM does influence climb rate and acceleration though. Particularly in the 109K4 without MW50, running manual @ 2600RPM vs Auto gives a not insignificant advantage at low speeds and climbing. I can beat a Spit mk IX in low speed flat scissors with manual pitch, bursting up to 2700/2800RPM momentarily is fine. Instantaneous accel can be higher too, leaving the pitch on auto means cutting the throttle and then throttling up has significant lag time (109 goes very coarse when low throttle). With manual you can cut throttle (giving that braking effect of lower throttle, high-ish RPM) then throttle back up very quickly. Though you risk breaking things.
  7. If it went grey and your heartbeat was loud beforehand that would be your pilot going unconscious from wounding/etc. Did you check the log?
  8. There is an ebay seller who does 3d printed x55 & x56 stick extensions. They are fantastic for their price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223933003333
  9. Yes, for me it's about 2ms. Which is around a 15% improvement. With the IC pass for MP it's about 1.2 ms. Almost 10% still.
  10. Not at all, I'm using this one: https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 But there is a faster one, no difference in terms of quality. I do run the sharpening settings up at .8 or .9 (for all 3 sharpening related settings).
  11. I've been hearing around the place that it is harder to spot in VR than on a monitor. With the Reverb G2 and the Reshade for VR mod I feel this is no longer the case in DCS. Spotting and IDing are two separate things, I still find IDing harder in VR than on a monitor. What are your thoughts?
  12. Haven't investigated yet but I believe SSAO and cockpit Global illumination are mislabeled currently. So try turning off SSAO.
  13. Taz you devil, this is fantastic. Need to test v11, smoke was too fast in V10 like 8x speed!
  14. I've linked at the point where my previous snippet was. From here to the end is the more cinematic section of the video - especially if you want to see how it all ends! Though you may prefer the more lighthearted commentary at the start. If not, no worries!
  15. Stay awhile, a chilled out edit of some flights online in the WW2 modules (they don't get enough love)
  16. +1 This would be really nice, especially if tweakable. It is a cheap post process effect.
  17. Neither! At least, not at this kinda thing. I wrote the saturation stuff for ya on the IL2 forums but even that didn't fully work the way I thought it would. Done colour correction before and do some coding/related maths for work but that's about it. I'd love to help but I'm way more in the dark than you. I do have a ton of free time now with the whole corona stuff so if you want I'd be seriously keen to trade messages and get up to speed.
  18. Yeah I had a look, are you applying sharpening directly to cockpitmasktext? Was hoping you'd applied that as the filter which would've made it very easy :P By the way, what program(s) are you using for shader modification? Doing it by hand is... ok but seeing what resources are available is a pain.
  19. Hey Lefuneste, I'm one of those weirdos who is willing to put up with shimmeries for more sharpening. Any chance of global screen sharpening? Mod looks great, always running the Il2 one and would be keen to give this a shot.
  20. It seems some people are misunderstanding the intention of the mod (correct me if I'm wrong OP). If you want non-crushed shadows (look around you at midday, very few things are actually pitch black - in the sim a LOT of things are) you have to turn up the gamma in game. I'm talking 2.4 or more! But then the game looks too bright, the horizon (for example) is white!! This mod reduces the brightness of the game, so that you can increase the gamma and not introduce those issues with over-brightening. Essentially, with high gamma and the fix applied, you will have less contrast. Yaaay!
  21. This post is pretty sad, and right on the money. Just the other day I was watching F/A18s fly around as I was hiking. I could clearly see them (and acquire them if I looked away and then looked back later) from 20+km away (in very clear skies) To answer your question: Anisotropic filtering will have no effect, turn it up to maximum and leave it there in every game. Almost 0 fps loss, better looking textures at an angle, no side effects. Anti-aliasing. Leaving it off will be the best option. Don't ever supersample in DCS (alas, in VR we have to. It really sucks for spotting), Use your native monitor resolution. (Going lower may help, dunno. I never go lower than native)
  22. Only issue is poor FPS in the Mig. I hope you have some beefy hardware else it will make you a little nauseous. All other planes are fine for me. (GTX 780)
  23. Doesn't seem to be any working in 1.5 yet. For the meantime use https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-uSpZROuEd3Q1Bjd3hsOTdBWUE/view?usp=drive_web
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