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Escape key not working and joysticks working only on rudder axis -


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It was all going so well. As a very new user of DCS I just could not stop playing. However yesterday the ESC button stopped responding and despite a complex suggestion on You Tube as a cure - I am no Techy- it baffled me.  So quite by chance I found on the Controls Section and End Mission and banded my Escape Button to it - and it worked, well for awhile at least - a real solution needs to be found. That's not the end of it; additionally my main joystick Gladiator new- now only works for the rudder. I have cleared the control section for the stick and rebanded but still only the rudder works. As a test I plugged in my new Thurstmaster 16000 - why have one joystick when you can have two- and got the same response - only the rudder controls work. Strange that all my hardware works fine with MSFS2020.

My system -all new and recently purchased is Acer Preditor P317-54 i7 Intel 10thGen 16Gb RAM and !Tb SSD and 2070 Nvidia graphis

Recent software downlaods include Saudi region and Flaming Cliffs 3.

Any help suggestions would be appreciated after DCS MSFS202 is rather vanilla - but good.

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