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Trying to find out why I'm having DCS and trackIR hang on start-up


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I'll try to explain as best as I can. 


If I just booted my PC and try to start trackIR and DCS, everything will launch normally.


But if I boot my PC, mess around doing other things for a while (youtube, discord, maybe another game) and then try to launch DCS and trackIR, they will both have this same behaviour where both will hang/freeze for a good 30 seconds on start-up, but no crashes, after it unfreezes trackIR works normally but DCS will overall feel laggy. Only fix is restarting the PC and start them right away.


I have a Stream Deck that constantly display monitoring of RAM, SSD, CPU and GPU usage and it never showed anything unusual while those freezes happen.




32gb 2933hz ram

i7 7700k


3 SSDs

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