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  1. i play golf with a retired delta pilot. he likes to talk about it. i will ask some questions and share second hand knowledge. he was telling me that pilots have to fly fixed wing at some point, i think he said late in career. but army is pretty light when it comes to fixed wing. mostly elint.
  2. i was stationed in germany in wildflecken, a front line base, in mid 1980s. the A-10 had the green camo. there are several user skins that use this camo which i use all the time. by the way, soviet and east german planes found their way over our motor pool all the time. by accident of course.
  3. @rvgriff - take a look at options.lua in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config. do you have a backup copy of the before the new computer? i looked through my original options file from day one install and SRS was not in it. just guessing here.
  4. i have SRS and TacView installed. these were added by the individual mods. not me. maybe FlyPT needs to be installed? null
  5. i believe (but not sure) that CB stands for citizen or commercial band which is UHF. https://www.ntia.doc.gov/files/ntia/publications/2003-allochrt.pdf time for an SME to enter the chat.
  6. good to hear @danos_2503! i make a habit of checking the NCP settings after each NVIDIA update to check the settings. i have seen new items appear and some disappear.
  7. 9999 m was same "limit" in some tank LRFs in 80s. the range display did not have the 5th digit. not that it was unable to get a range but more not able to display the range above 9999 m. it would have been impossible to hit anything with a SABOT or HEAT round at that range. HE could be used for indirect fire maybe.
  8. larger pagefile perhaps. 2022-05-15 14:16:04.896 INFO APP: CPU cores: 8, threads: 16, System RAM: 16312 MB, Pagefile: 16384 MB also maybe a graphics card driver update or a repair. before doing drivers nightmare, try nvida debug mode. https://www.evga.com/support/faq/FAQdetails.aspx?faqid=59594
  9. i would say they are seriously important tanks if so. it may be the tanks protecting the SAMs too i suppose. agreed that the A10 would not be engaging SAMs alone.
  10. you have an odd one going. at least DCS is now working. can you post a screen shot from your computer on this reg key? null
  11. perhaps try to add a static pagefile. 2022-04-30 20:09:32.458 INFO APP: CPU cores: 8, threads: 16, System RAM: 32596 MB, Pagefile: 7168 MB
  12. muchas gracias! Intenté estos pasos y ninguna alegría. Me disculpo por el mal español! i had a feeling it was something to do with wind. however, and i could just not have noticed, i have flown this mission literally over a hundred times and weather has never been changed. but this is first i have noticed and right after patch. early days of me playing the mission i was taking off the opposite direction at airfield. then after another patch that changed too. i will get a screenshot or a video to share. thank you.
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