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AI planes react to FOX-3 missiles launched in TWS

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Hi there, 


I've discussed this with @BIGNEWY on the Discord, who told me that the current behavior is to react to a missile launched either within 10nm or "half the missile range" (whatever that actually means, missile range is such a relative value).


We made some tests in, and can share a Tacview recording (here in video):

  • first shot at 77 nm
  • second shot at 60 nm
  • third shot at 50 nm
  • last shot at 30 nm

Zip - VEAF :pilotfly:


If you want to learn, talk and fly with french-speaking friends, the Virtual European Air Force is here for you ! Meet us on our Discord and our forum

If you're a mission creator, you may want to check the VEAF Mission Creation Tools (and its GitHub repository) a set of open-source scripts and tools that make creating a dynamic mission a breeze !

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