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End Mission bug - may I still progress?

Cpt. Weber

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I just got this bug after 5th (without intro - the 4th) mission:


But I have the code, next target and everything.

May I skip the mission using the logbook.lua in the C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\MissionEditor and continue to the next one using the generated code or do I have to re-fly it? Will it brake anything?

Thanks for help!


Edit: (The mission I finished was "Operation Pontus Stage 2.3_Clear.miz"). I also saved the result of this mission so I can write it in the logbook.

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Hi, exactly.

You can proceed to the next one either by the way you describe or by:

- flying the same mission but after inputting the code, just take off and land to the ship. 


This way it will proceed as normal and you can use the same code to the next mission.

This is unfortunately a bug that can impact all campaigns. It is already reported and hope it's get fixed soon.



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