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MLRS in Zone Doesn't Work

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As title states. The trigger condition "MLRS in Zone" doesn't seem to work. To replicate, place any MLRS artillery system with a trigger zone where the rockets will go. If you set up the trigger condition to do anything, you will see the trigger never fires. This happens regardless of which MLRS system is used, BM-21, 30, MLRS 270, etc. 


The following is given in the dcs.log:

 ERROR   Trigger: can't execute trigger, err:"[string "?"]:1: attempt to call global 'c_mlrs_in_zone' (a nil value)"


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Can confirm, MLRS rockets do fire when triggered for me, but F6 view reveals the map they are flying over and where they impact seems to be a generic all-land-and-flat map.  Also, when firing, the animation seems bugged and no smoke trails are visible, just dust kicking up around the MLRS.

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