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AI RTBs after firing decoys despite full load of bombs

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Actually a rather extensive overhaul of AI A2G behavior including AI wingmen commands is severely needed in my opinion.

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@ColonelPanic42 I fixed your SEAD F-14 mission to allow aircraft to attack while its TALD are gliding (I changed its reaction to threat order from "ALLOW ABORT MISSION" to "EVADE FIRE" and added another Attack Group action). The Tomcat successfully kills the SA-6 site. One issue, though: the TALD is slower than the Tomcat... I guess SEAD aircraft should push behind its decoy/anti-radiation missile, not ahead of it.

I applied a different fix for the Hornet: I assigned it the SEAD task, removed the "SEAD" advanced waypoint action, then added an Attack Group advanced waypoint action, and it works as you wish: the Hornet pushes while its AGM-88 are flying towardthe target.

As a consequence, I think the only missing thing right now is the SEAD tasking for the Tomcat. This was requested internally some months ago, following your other post. Wait and see.

Tomcat_sead with decoys_fix.miz Hornet_sead with decoys_fix.miz SEAD Hornet fix.trk SEAD Tomcat fix.trk

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A track or it didn't happen.

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