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TDC right in ACM not working


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Steps to reproduce:


- Enter any ACM mode (e.g. VACO)

- Put the TGP onto the RDDI

- Press SCS Right



- Nothing happent



- For TDC right in ACM, I expect the same behaviour as without ACM which will set TDC priority to the RDDI.


If you lock a target, put the radar on the LDDI, go over the ACM box with the tdc cursor and press tdc depress to deactivate ACM, and then press SCS right, the TDC priority will be set to the right ddi (as I expect myself).

For this i add the track file "ACM_RIGHT_AS_EXPECTED.trk".


However there seems to be a mistake in the documentation, I guess it should say "If TGP FLIR is displayed on the RDDI" instead of LDDI, because it's SCS right.






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Yup, that looks like a copy-paste mistake, it should say RDDI. SCS Action is always performed when pressing in the direction of the page with Priority. 


But, as far as I know, ACM mode overrides the Priority assigning functions of the SCS entirely. I don't believe it's possible to assign Priority to a DDI in ACM Mode, as Priority is essentially locked to the HUD/HMD. You would need to exit ACM mode to make the FLIR Priority. 


What are you attempting to accomplish anyway? I'm not sure why you would even want to interact with the displays in any meaningful way while in ACM mode. 

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The whole point of the ACM condition is that the Castle switch is reconfigured for selecting the ACM modes. There is no other function the Castle switch will do. Ignore the DCS manual, it's often wrong or poorly explained. That's the whole reason there is an "ACM condition."


There is no bug here. To be clear, when 1) the FLIR format is on the RDDI and 2) you are in the ACM condition, Castle right should not affect the FLIR format, nor anything else except commanding the ACM acquisition modes.

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