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Reaching the stars


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This is something for the older veterans here - who knew the old simulator "Falcon 4.0" (on CD ROM and of course including the booklet).

What I loved most about the Falcon 4.0 simulator back in the old days was that special feeling of sitting on a rocket chair being able to reach the stars. Only the F-16 can give that special feeling with her full-glass canopy.

When flying up to the maximum height the F-16 was able to fly with full afterburner and without any payload higher than the stratosphere (higher than 50.000 feet, almost 60.000) in Falcon 4.0 and everything went very dark and one was able to see the stars and the moon lighting up during daytime.


And this was one of the best and unique experiences I ever had in a flight sim!


Please - bring that old feeling back into DCS when flying the F-16 and make her fly a little higher (higher than almost exactly 50.000 ft ) without any payload - and bring a little bit more darkness and space-feeling so very high up there and let the stars and the moon shine during daytime in the Mesosphere 😉


Nothing beats that feeling...


(Yes I discovered DCS after 22 years of Flight Simulator - and even if I have learned to control most of the weapon systems of F-14, F-16 and F-18 because of curiosity and as a technical challenge, still 90% of all my flights are just for the sake of flying and for the great feeling of flying and because of the awesome PERFECT cockpits and the speed and power these fighter jets bring on....)








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A few times that I’ve found myself high, I’ve attained and kept 62000ft - ballistic I’ve seen 78000.

Your fourth picture shows a way that will never work for anything other than a ballistic shot and fall back, you need to attain height sort of gradually.
Ensure you are as light as possible, as clean as possible, be smooooooth with the controls.

Either cruise-climb, or level off at certain heights to build back some IAS before climbing in a stepped fashion.


Give it a try - see where in your climb profile things start to fall apart and improve your handling in those areas, you may work out a profile that gets you way up there.

Alien desktop PC, Intel i7-8700 CPU@3.20GHz 6 Core, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB RAM. TM Warthog stick and Throttles. Saitek ProFlight pedals.

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