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F/A-18C Marines/Navy Pilot Available & Looking for a Realistic US/CA Based Squadron (EST)


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Hello everyone,


I recently moved to Canada after a year away from DCS, and I'm now looking for a new milsim squadron to train, scale up and fly with.


Before my LOA on DCS, I was pretty active on the sim and also considered creating my own squadron before realizing it would be too much time consuming managing this alone. I'm currently working on resharpening some of my skills on various topics. That said, I already got some materials on my end which I took from declassified pubs, couple ground lessons I wrote, and a dedicated server too which are a legacy of my old squadron project.


I'm NOT looking for "half" milsim squadrons, nor "casual" ones full of fantasy in both names & procedures. I totally respect people who like to blow stuff and do whatever they want in the sim but it's simply not my thing. Needless to say, I'd be totally fine dropping a single GBU-31 out of an hour of hold over the AO if you ask me.


I'm a real world licensed PPL and I'm looking for serious business with HIGH STANDARDS only. I'm looking for pilots who like to do things by the book, as it should be, and whom find their fun doing so. I'm looking for realism, in various areas : group names, squadron tasks, liveries, line training & procedures.


The ideal group I'm looking for, would integrate a proper line training, based on the real world, and would constantly be aiming for improvements and excellence.


The picture : 


Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Timezone: EST

Setup: HOTAS Warthog, Cougar MFDs x2, Saitek Rudder Pro

Tracking Devices: TrackIR 5, Rift S (mainly Rift S)

Flight Sim Experience: DCS, XP11, BMS, FSX, P3D

Past Squadrons : 476th vFG, 1st VFW, JTF-88


My pros :


- Start-up and shutdown by the book, including simulated 4-checks, controls and valve checks, bullseye addition & flight plan, stores setup...

- Water OPs : Case I-II-III departures and recoveries, including marshal stacks and push time management

- Most brevity code words altough I may need a refresher on some

- AAR (RV-Echo)

- BFM/ACM (high yoyo, low yoyo, vertical & horizontal scissors, one circle fight vs two circles fight...)

- AHC (squirrel cage aka immelman, split S, cuban-8...)

- TACFORMs and standard formations (Cruise, Parade, Offensive & Defensive Spread, Fingertip, Fighting Wing, Trail...)

- Carrier break & field fan breaks

- A2G Marines Strike Patterns aka (Low 10°/ Medium 15°/ High 30 CCIP, Low 10° Pop Up, Med 15° Pop Up)

- Most standard & Navy comms (PRI/AUX, 10.000' OPs check, BDC - Battle Damage Checks and all Case related comms that has no alibis to it)

- All NTTR instrument & visual departures and recoveries including noise abattement procedures


My cons :


- Multiple event management including BVR engagements (sorting targets, getting in the merge and avoiding being tumbleweed in no time with multiple elements)

- I almost never done a 4-ships mission

- BFM/ACM practice and improvement

- Antisurface & Strike mission tactics


If you think my profile could be a match and a valuable addition to your squadron, please hit me up. 🙃

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