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F5E Afterburner Not Working Correctly

Crotchety Cricket

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I hope I’m posting this in the correct place. I’m not 100% sure it’s a sound only issue, but the afterburner is definitely glitchy in my installed version of 2.7. I just installed 2.7 a few days ago and I only have the F5E mod (aside from the two other planes bundled with World). All of my experience has been either in one of the training modules or during free flight, however this after burner issue is the same either way.


Regardless whether I am taking off or am already in flight if I move the throttle into full afterburner The only thing that happens is the engine sound ramps up and is very reminiscent of a vehicle stuck in high gear. There is no jump to afterburner, no difference in pitch, and definitely no deep rumble of the afterburner kicking in. While my gauges all move as if the jet has progressed to afterburner there is no sensation of going faster. I have not yet verified whether or not my speed increases to an afterburner level, but it doesn’t seem as if it’s working as it should or how it does in normal DCS world version. When I have that open doing the same actions everything works correctly and as it should: there is a slight jolt as the afterburner kicks in a deep rumble of the afterburner sound and a perceptible increase in speed.


At first I thought maybe it was a throttle issue as if I decrease the throttle from full afterburner down slightly I will get a stutter of afterburner almost as if it’s going in and out in and out of afterburner without the throttle moving and then it just goes back to that really high-pitched engine sound. None of this occurs in the stable version of DCS world, only the open data. I have also tried to reset my axis for the throttle and there is no difference. Again this only occurs in 2.7 open beta. 

I’m not sure where to go from here, whether I should reinstall open beta, reinstall the F5E, or just live with it and continue with a broken experience. I would appreciate any help feedback or questions. Thanks guys.


Cricket (Rich)

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