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CCRP Help?

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I couldn't find anything in the Bugs, so I'm not sure if I'm just messing this up, or what.  When I try doing CCRP bombing in the Viper, I (sometimes) cannot get the CCRP Azimuth Steering Line to move.  I have a .TRK file, but it is too large to attach.  To outline my procedure:


1) I Start the aircraft and allow the full 8 minute alignment with the INS

2)  I take off

3) I select my GBU-12's and set them to CCRP mode

4)  I cycle to my desired Steer Point via the UFC


At this point I get the ASL, but no matter how much cycling I do through my Steer Points, I can never get the ASL to move.  I have the Target Designator Box, and you can see it jump around, but the ASL never follows.  I am playing on Multiplayer if that's relevant.  I've had luck on other servers by manual entering my Steering Points, but in this server, which comes with SP's already loaded, this issue seems to happen.  I have tried entering new points manually and re-entering the points provided, but to no avail.  Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

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If a hot start mission works well and a cold start behaves funny then it's very likely a procedural issue on the ground regarding the INS. In the bottom right corner of the HUD there is a black of a few lines of alphanumerical text. The "B" line shows your slant range to target. If it's all 0s then it's no distance due to an INS issue. If it's 10 or 20 miles then you're in pre-designate snowplow in which case it's normal for SPI to be "stuck to your nose". If the distance is 999 then it's probably a steerpoint value issue.


A track (shortest and simplest that shows the issue is best) would help. In general you should get the engine fully online providing electrical power first, then turn on your avionics switches, and when DED text is seen then turn align knob clockwise from off to normal. Hesitating or non-direct turning of the knob from position to position can do weird things. Like if you go from stored heading to norm to nav and wait too long in norm (>2s I think) you'll dump your alignment. One thing that screws up alignments is setting the align knob for alignment before turning on MCC power, at least it does in the real airplane. Some people flip on all the switches and then turn on the engine which voids your warranty on anything working how it should. It's best to follow the written DCS manual procedure exactly while diagnosing issues especially and until you know what things you can get away with being creative in general.


Things I would look at in a track:

  • List>6 INS page. Is alignment 8.0/10? Are coordinates correct?
  • ICP 4 STPT page. Is current steerpoint a sensible lat/long?
  • HUD "B" line what's the range to steerpoint? Bearing?
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I have attached some screen shots from my most recent attempt.  I allowed the engine to spool and power to generate before starting the alignment.  I then allowed it to fully align (8.1/10).  For reference, STPT 1 is my starting location.  After aligning I taxied out and took off.  Screenshots 2 and 3 show STPT 8 and 7 under A-G mode.  You can see the ASL on the right, not lining up with the STPTs.  I tried programming my own point, so STPT 27 was entered from scratch.  The last 2 shots show STPT under A-G mode and NAV mode.  Hopefully this provides some insight.






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Ok, so I tried it again, and went step-by-step with the Chucks guide for start-up and it now everything works like it's supposed to.  A few things I did differently than usual:


1) I re-entered by starting coordinates (there were ~.1" off from what was in the Aircraft already)

2) Left the MAP and DL switches OFF


Not sure what fixed it, but it's working now.  Thx for the help.

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Quick note, as Wagner states in video below, confirming positions is only required during normal alignment, it is not required in stored alignment. Another important reminder from Mr.Wagner, please dont rearm & refuel during the alignment as it will throw off the alignment.



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