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Loadout Screen Balance


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As many of you know, it's entirely possible to have asymmetric loads on most of the aircraft in DCS. However, one thing that would be quite nice to have is a table in the reload screen, or just some sort of indicator, that shows what our actual balance is. IE, how much more weight is on one side of the aircraft vs the other. If done correctly, this could make it far easier to properly set our trim prior to take-off, and maintain balance throughout the flight.


And to add to that, it would also be interesting if as part of this we could choose how much fuel goes into each tank as a way to further improve our balance. For example, if in the hornet, if we are, for example, in an F-18 and for some reason have 700lbs more on one side than the other, and it's beyond the safe limits for the trim (hypothetically), then we could take however much fuel on the opposite side as needed to bring the aircraft back into proper balance.


What do you guys think?

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I'd love to see some sort of visualization of ordnance (and their respective pylon) weight in the loadout screen. Both ingame as in the ME

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