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  1. Off topic: Suggesting that DCS isn't really a VR game because it has no full VR controller support, is of course a nonsense argument As if VR controller support is mandatory for VR games? I play a few VR games (racing sims and Flight sims), but I've never had to use the VR controllers for any of them (in fact, they only left the box during initial setup). On topic: Although I do own them, personally I never fly the FC3 modules, so I don't care but also wouldn't mind the OP's suggestion. I do wonder however, where would you want to put the limit on the clickable cockpit? Only gear and flaps would probably not add much/enough, but then.. Which switches should be made clickable and which not? A 1000 players a 1000 wishes I expect. On the other hand, but this has probably already been discussed elsewhere, why not just make all switches clickable that already have a key bind at the moment? What's the difference between pressing a keyboard key, or a virtual switch? It can't be confidentiality related, is it? (It would perhaps be a lot of coding work, which is arguable as these are indeed cheap modules)
  2. He is not, so it's pretty pointless (impossible) trying to explain or argue over it
  3. Although your first paragraph indicates that you don't use VR , the rest of your wish makes sense. It would indeed be useful to not have to constantly switch between the cockpit and F10 map. It is however a bit more complicated than what you show in your example, as not all modules use the same coordinate systems. While the format in your example would for instance be useful in the A-10 or Apache, it won't be for the Viper and Hornet.
  4. "a checklist"? That's a bit of a generic wish there mate. A checklist for what exactly?
  5. Subscribe to this channel and you'll miss less
  6. Then why do you necro this 2 years old thread mate
  7. ah well, I had to try.. But I understand it's even too early to share if there's at all work in progress on this feature. Edit: Just wondering, you must have a HOTAS key bind macro for this answer by now @BIGNEWY
  8. As happy as I am, to read news on the Apache pilot body, I'm rather sad that we've never seen any news on the Viper pilot body since its EA release some 2,5 years ago... I know some people see it as the least interesting feature, but to others, the Viper is just gathering dust until it's transformed from a QF-16 to an actual F-16C.. I briefly stepped into the Viper pit last weekend again (VR), but I really can't enjoy gazing at those magically moving rudder pedals (which due to the 60° seat inclination are constantly within my fov) Please @BIGNEWY, please, with extra cream and a cherry on top, let us know if the team has at least started working on a pilot body for the Viper.. The "planned" tag this thread received, isn't very comforting..
  9. Indeed, being able to set the take-off time independent of the start time, would be a huge improvement! It would allow for some awesome new scenario's, such as: AI aircraft starting up, sitting idle on the tarmac for a few minutes and then shut off (simulating wingman abort scenario or maintenance engine testing) Have multiple different aircraft types start up at around the same time and then have them taxi out simultaneously (regardless of their startup sequence time)(right now you'll have to block AI pathing somehow to keep them waiting for you or other flights) Increase AI time from startup to taxi out (cold start times of AI aircraft are way too short at the moment, as if they don't do INS alignement) ... and probably more... It would be beyond awesome, if somehow AI aircraft would wait for each other near the active runway, like they do in real life. But I'm afraid that's just one bridge too far at the moment and not all airfields have parking (holding) spots next to where you enter the runway...
  10. Couldn't find this when doing a forum search, but is it normal that when you change contrast on the TPOD, that you see 2 different tints of green symbology? Anyone else seeing this? (if not, I'll have to figure out what's going on here )
  11. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're asking, but you can already set waypoint arrival times in the ME. If you do, DCS will automatically change the required airspeed for that particular flight, in order to have them arrive on time. (Of course you will need to respect the flight's min and max airspeed at that particular altitude). Haven't used it myself lately, but this used to work a few years ago at least.
  12. Just in case someone else has the same issue at some point and reads this: I found the issue One of the 5-pin din connector wires (the red one) was broken and on some axis inputs I guess it lost contact entirely. Somehow the other cables and the crimp sleeve kept it together all this time. I got myself a soldering iron (was about time I bought one...) and some new crimp sleeves and reconnected the red wire. All working flawlessly again now! Thanks @MAXsenna, that tip for removing the 5 pin connector was golden! Let me know if/when you pull the trigger on that VFS-WE. I think I'm gonna wait for a VR pilot body to be added to the Viper. Perhaps hardware prices are a tad lower by that time (I know... wishful thinking)
  13. That didn't cross my mind before. Thanks @MAXsenna, I'll try that tomorrow
  14. Did anyone actually manage to remove the 5pin din connector from the Cougar, without cutting? The Vipergear VFS-WE instructions say that you should be able to "gently" pull/push the din connector through the grip mount, like this: Well, I tried.... I tried green wire first, brown wire first, but I'm not even getting close to pushing the connector through the grip mount. So.. is this at all possible without cutting? I didn't yet purchase the VFS-WE as I'm still in the process of justifying the costs . But thought I'd prepare my second (broken gimbal) Cougar base, to get me in the mood
  15. You already received more response in one day, than I did in several years
  16. A million users and a million different point of views I pity Nineline and Bignewy, as it seems like an impossible job to get the forum to suit everyone's wishes
  17. Good point indeed. I don't want to speak for others, but I can imagine that for most people visiting this forum, it doesn't really matter from which dev the module is (ED or 3rd party). It would greatly help in further forum decluttering, if all fixed wing, helo's and maps were listed together, regardless of developer. Yes, it would mean cleaning up the dev forums (they're all very different from each other), but eventually you'd get one impressive list of modules and everything would be easy to find. As I said in the other thread, especially for newcomers. But perhaps this is already on the to do list of the forum moderator team
  18. Not sure what I've done to you to make you use such strong language, or perhaps I'm taking the "BS" and "People putting looks ahead of ease of use is something I despise" a bit too personal, but perhaps you could try and tone down a bit and write like you would talk when sitting next to me, with some mutual respect. I understand that one now need to click a few times to get where you usually got with fewer mouse clicks. While this could indeed be more of a hassle, in my opinion this forum just got too big to put all sub-forums on one page. You'd have to scroll through all sub-forums to get to the one you seek. Personally I find the extra mouse click more convenient than scrolling through all sub-forums, but that's just my subjective opinion. In your example about the workshop, it's not just that all tools where dropped in drawers, they also got sorted. And, as someone who worked a large portion of my career as a mechanic, I can tell you that a clean and neat workshop definitely improves your work and avoids technical errors (or sometimes even injuries). Oh, and we also had some "art work" hanging on the walls, although we had to remove that once we got some (very capable) female colleagues.
  19. Funny how opinions can differ Seems you are quite angry about this change (at least that's how I read it when I see someone use the word "trash"). Hopefully you'll find a way to make the new forum index more suitable to your wishes. I think the forum looks much cleaner now. also changing the overall missions sub-forum name to "User Created Missions General", is a good move imho, as this is a perfect place for multi aircraft missions like all the various DCE's. I'm not really bothered by not seeing immediately if something new is posted somewhere (there always is when I visit here ). I receive a notification when there's a direct reply to me or any of my threads and I get notifications when something new I posted in threads I follow. Personally that's all I need. Sure, now at start it might take some time to again find where you need to be, but that's just "change" playing with your mind and it will become second nature before you know it. Edit: ED really tried to create more uniformity within the sub-forums, which imho looks a lot more professional. E.g., compare the names in the screenshot below, with my OP. NEW: (I tiny bit unlucky that they put an "&" in Bugs & Problems for the Apache sub-forum, where as the rest uses "and". But I guess that just me being a tad autistic perhaps ) OLD: Again, I personally think it is much more clean and straight forward to use now. Especially for newcomers! EDIT 2: I also notice the extreme reduction of sticky threads! Thank you ED!
  20. Strange thing is, ED tweaked the Hornet mirrors some time (about 2 years?) ago. They kinda improved from a completely washed out effect (sort of mega fish eye), to mirrors where you can actually see/distinguish the aircraft's vertical stabs and wingtips. But indeed, definitely no stereoscopic effect at the moment. Although my graphics card will probably disagree, stereoscopic mirrors would be nice to have. But perhaps after the introduction of Vulkan?
  21. If an option on the user side, yes I'd agree, everybody happy. If an option on server side (as in servers forcing players to download additional skins), no thank you. I occasionally fly MP, but I have no interest whatsoever in user made skins and having to download a few GB before being able to join a server.
  22. Welcome to the forum @Panther04X Better post your issue here: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/483-game-performance-bugs/ Lot's of people there to try and help you out including support from ED. (the chit chat sub forum is probably not the place where the CM's hang out much) Make sure to add a track file and your DCS log files when you make your bug report. oh and also, I'd suggest you to consider choosing a better thread title.
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