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Elevator Trim Fix Solution

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Due to the endless discusion about the elevator Trim i decided to share my privat Trim fix for the BF109K4.

Simple set the pitch tune to slider and push the curve forward by 1, this will hold the stick in place a bit forward. Simulates a Trim Tab to get more range for the trim wheel.

My Role and Rudder setings are adjusted for a level cruse around 525kph and WEP. I got a Warthog with a sticky center, holds in place in a range around 1-2mm, so i can do fine adjustements during the flight. If you got a perfect centered stick, i dont know if the setting works for you, but you can play around with the special setting to fit your needs.


Hope that helps and relives the pain of the Nose Trim 😎 cheers 🍻

Pictures of my settings below...





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N/M 😉

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Nvidia RTX3080 (HP Reverb), AMD 3800x

Asus Prime X570P, 64GB G-Skill RipJaw 3600

Saitek X-65F and Fanatec Club-Sport Pedals (Using VJoy and Gremlin to remap Throttle and Clutch into a Rudder axis)

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