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  1. Nevermind... I was thinking we didn't get the AI improvements this patch but I was incorrect :). We got the BVR Stuff and didn't get the BFM stuff... as I'm sure you're aware :).
  2. I can't wait... Love both of these choppers soo much :).
  3. Or... you can use the STICK to fine tune it, then trim again??? Like it's designed... I really don't see how this is any improvement at all. I mean I'm all for people finding ways that work for them to do whatever they're doing... but this is only worse in all cases as far as I can tell UNLESS you have a SUPER jittery stick or you don't have sensitive motor control so you can't gently move the stick.
  4. I don't think that's what throwing out the baby with the bath water means ;).
  5. Why would you touch a button like 25 times just so you can not trim with one button press?
  6. I think you should lock your mouse cursor to the DCS window... and maybe set the headset to not go to sleep.
  7. I don't understand the problem this tries to solve. I don't recall this happening to me or I am not understanding what's hapening to you :).
  8. They're high tech wind socks
  9. Heli's (they're all low and slow LOL) make a LOT of radar noise as far as I know... seems legit.
  10. If it's what I think it is I think I've seen it while looking for places to build race tracks for Shahdoh's Mustang race series...
  11. Pay attention to the blade pitch angle, that's all you need to do. It's above and left of your left knee. Start your dive. When you get to about 250 turn blade pitch down to ~3 degrees. Pay no attention to the flashing red lights. When you're getting to the bottom of your dive pull out of it and gradually increase blade pitch. Stay below about 5 degrees or so until you're back below "safe" speeds. The closer back towards ~275 you get you can turn the blade pitch back up... but be careful.
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