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TACAN offset point


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Hi guys !

Is there away to put an offest to a TACAN beacon ?

I would use it to make a reference point from Mother in Case III trap, that way I can use the timer to be just in time to commence my approach with Time on Target for example.

Is it something like that possible ?


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5 hours ago, Hulkbust44 said:

No, I don't believe that's possible.
Also, one slight issue with that idea, the carrier is moving...


While it is indeed not possible: the offset would be moving together with the TACAN station, so that would be no problem


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That was the point, having a constant TOT at my descent entry point.

I asked about that because I see a TACAN O/S informations on the HSI menus.

I couldn't find a way to populate them though.

Mobius708, if I'm not mistaken you are a RL Hornet driver.

I guess this is not something you guys are doing anyway.

Thank you guys for your input.

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