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  1. Yes I see that now, dated November 1st 2002. I’m looking at A1-F18AC-600-500 028 00 dated 2 years prior. Was it really removed? Only reason I could think for that would be if another function took it’s place. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. According to what? I have applicable documentation that say otherwise up to a certain date. Highly doubt it was removed though.
  3. Couldn't be simpler, based on documentation the AZ/EL should be accessible in NAV master mode as well as A/A. @BIGNEWYI will send you a PM.
  4. Do you have those controls bound to physical switches? Could be a controller state sync issue. There's a toggle in the settings for reset cockpit state or something similar when it comes to the HOTAS.
  5. With the COMM 1 or 2 channel selector set to GUARD (G), you are unable to enter a new guard frequency via the scratchpad and the default of 243.00 remains. The means you can't even set the civil guard frequency of 121.50. It should be able to be set to anything within the valid frequency range. (VHF band is increments of 5 KHz , the UHF band is with 25 KHz increments) The G XMIT switches in the back left however will always force 243.00.
  6. This is just a bug, there will be nothing official about it. The trackfile isn't displaying on the Attk format when it is on the SA and AZ/EL. Also the fact that you can TUC it even though it doesn't exist visually.
  7. Would this still be true if you set a DT2 in STT? Or would undesignate step to the DT2? (or L+S for that matter if it's different from the STT target.
  8. After inputting the TERM HDG for a JDAM, I noticed that the terminal heading indicator on the HSI was way off. Unsure if calculations were being made with this incorrect heading, but the symbology itself is certainly bugged. TGT_HDG.trk
  9. As you can see in the track, I make sure to bring the function to the top level on the HMD reject format and there is still no FOV indicator. You only see the designation diamond in the HMD. The Hornet should have a FLIR FOV cue similar to the A-10C. nullhttps://trace.tennessee.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3359&context=utk_gradthes - Using Helmet Mounted Displays to Designate and Locate Targets in the Urban Environment
  10. Just as we see on the HUD, the time datablock is missing from the HMD. TIME_FOV.trk
  11. Well that would be unrealistic, DCS is a little too perfect, but for now that makes up for the lack of INS stabilization...the Tomcat's is supposed to be crap. (based on the time period) Not to mention questionable design choices. I.e. putting receivers on the stabiltors that ya know, move all the time. We need to start with modeling radar correctly...
  12. Not at all. You can have 10 missiles guiding on 10 tracks simultaneously. Also, the missile will only go active at a pre-determined point, doesn't matter what you do in the jet. 2. That's not possible. The "warning" comes from the missile itself. Good questions!
  13. You could just turn blanking off and use the RECCE to do it manually. Same difference really.
  14. @BIGNEWYAny chance you could share your evidence or where to find it? All of the applicable documents that we have access to support the OP. What you're claiming is correct, is illogical at best, and contradicts everything about the MSI system at worst, based on our available documentation.
  15. After the most recent update ( I noticed a couple issues regarding target information. Mission set up. Hornet at altitude head to head with F-16 at altitude. Hornet has E-3 support and D/L is turned on as well as IFF. Upon STT of the F-16, the Attk format no longer displays the lower HAFU from the AWACS. As such, donor IFF for the target is being lost and shown as unknown. Even after an IFF interrogation it remains unknown, not ambiguous. HOWEVER, the SA and AZ/EL show it as ambiguous WITH the bottom half hostile HAFU which is not possible... offboard_hafu.trk
  16. As you can see here, there is a discrepancy between which trackfiles are ranked what between the AZ/EL and SA formats. The SA, AZ/EL, and Attk formats should show the same trackfile information. (Exception being aspect pointers on the AZ/EL) This is still an issue as of No track, needed just open the Caucasus 8v8 instant action mission and observe the chaos that is the Hornet track rankings.
  17. Some of this is incorrect. For fuel, both TOD and fuel remaining at waypoint work. FCS exerciser works Mission computers are modeled and the MC OFF switch functions. Used it a couple times to get home. The transponder functions with all codes when using LOTATC. COMM 1/2G switch does work (couldn't tell if you mentioned it) ET functions in it's entirety Navigation fixs absolutely work) some of them) the TCN DATA mostly functions and is how you and a station for a TACAN fix. Selection of ellipsoids is there. The whole database exists, I just haven't tested it. Map data is where you can select stored images to be recalled and read, up to 99 can be stored. TGT DATA, checklists, squadron SOPs etc. Oh, FYI I talked to Ciribob and he is working on implementing RELAY.
  18. Yes, it can *recieve* on the ground. What's been seen here are jamming strobes with resolved azimuth. System memory can hold tracks for a while, but what you actually pickup on the ground is from jammers.
  19. Then what is the basis for the time a track is held in DCS?
  20. Would it be possible to have a special option to adjust the distance of the UPLOOK reticles? As it stands it is impossible to use in VR. This is a really neat and useful feature especially for VR users, but it's unusable as the reticles are basically off the screen.
  21. That's since been fixed in later FCS versions, we should have 10.7 iirc
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