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Hi, I recently bought Russian version from this website and installed to my Vista pc. It installed but when I go to play instant action or a mission, it asks for the confirmation or serial number which i entered and then some box appears with question marks and it appears to be a system checker as It generated a text with this:[Error Information]; A1003286; LE: 11004. Also, stated a specific thread.dll was not found. It also repeats the same process and error message. i cant remember which dll it was as it is on a different pc. the pcs specs are below and in the attachment. Hope someone can help.


Pc specs are the following:


System specs:

Amd 64 athlon dual core process or at 2,3 ghz

OS: Vista 32 bit

Nvidia geforce 6150 vid card

RAM: 2gb

disk space: 320GB

with external drive space available


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