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Poll: Should a DCS:BS Demo Be Developed?


Poll: Should a DCS:BS Demo Be Developed?  

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  1. 1. Poll: Should a DCS:BS Demo Be Developed?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but only if it doesn't delay other development work
    • No

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Seems some are waiting for the demo if it is to be developed and released. Others are satisfied with either the RU or English download versions and still others are waiting for the CD release.


The Poll question is: Should ED spend resources on developing and releasing a Black Shark demo?


My response is no, precious resources should be devoted to ED's planned tasks (releasing the A10, maybe further engine development, who knows?). After saying that I was not going to get involved with BS, when the English version was released I took the plunge and purchased. And I am very happy ... this is perhaps the best flight simulation I have seen since PC's first appeared (that is IMHO, of course :thumbup:).

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Definetly no.

Demo from a simulator won't work ever. Expecially in this. This only has 1 accurately detailed chopper to screw around with. Demo would show too much of a full game. Think about it. If you are able to fly with a Ka-50 in a demo it basicly covers 80% of the sim. Maybe if you put some time limit to it like 5mins or so. But then someone will hack it to have unlimited time. Nah, forget it.

But this is just IMO.

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they don't have to develop anything for a demo.. just chop a piece off and let those of us that are on the fence see if we want to blow $50.00



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I know bunch of people who are not hard core simmers but said they find BS interesting and would give it a try if there was a demo. So, yes. I think there should be one and could potentially bring in more customers.


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I think its a question best left to ED. If they feel it will boost sales and revenue, then certainly they should do a demo. The more $$$ they make the more motivated and able they are to develop the next module of DCS. We ALL want them to do well with BS, because how well they do with it determines how many more modules we all get.




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wasnt the 25$ RU version a demo?? LOL no, what could be gained in a demo? It is what it is.... GREAT!!! I feel Demos are for the "arcade" type. And this Should never be marketed as such. (delete the "game mode" with the first patch) If your a sim pilot... youll love it... simple.

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