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Cant get launch authorization for ATGM?


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Hello, I cant get launch authorization for atgm's. I can launch rockets and employ cannon just fine.


heres what im doing.


1.master arm on.

2.external pilon selected.

3.hms on.

4.moving target mode on.

5."turn on" target mode on.

6.laser on.

7. oh yeah shkval is on too.


I can lock target, adjust gate size, and shkval window size, and I understand how to link HMS and shkval for fast target aquisition, I just never get a launch authorization.


Any ideas on what im doing wrong?


Sorry to ask, but i have to leave for a few hours, and I was hoping to get a quick answer when i get home. This issue was haunting me in my sleep last night. I know i can check the manual, and I will check it, but like i said i was just kind of hoping for a shortcut here. I dont want you guys to think im being lazy though.:music_whistling:


BTW great job on the game, I am really enjoying it. I like the chopper, close air support feels alot closer now.

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You have to line up the two circles in the HUD and get the "C" to appear, then hold the button down for a bit until the missle comes out.




Gigabyte GA97XSLI

Core i7 4790 @ 4.0 Ghz

MSI GTX 1080ti

32 Mb RAM DDR3-2133

512GB SSD for DCS

HP Reverb VR HMD

Thrustmaster Warthog & MFG Crosswind

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Do you put the Vikhr circle over or at least close to the smaller Shkval reticle? You have to in order to get the "C".

Unfortunately the Shark needs to be pointed quite precisely as a whole to get off a Vikhr...


And the launch button has to be depressed a little longer than usual.



Ok, you beat me.

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lol you guys are great, thanks for all the responses. you guys know exactly what im talking about and that is great!


yeah, i think i keep on screwing up the pipper. (the larger double circle). shkval stays locked on target, but my pipper goes away or something. This is 100% user error.


I like to keep shkval linked to hms and scan the area for a while before selecting a target, then i lock the target, shkval indicates a lock, but what do i need to do to set the pipper? thats the part im having trouble with i think. I havent had a chance to play yet today, but ill be able get on in an hour or so, either way im going to figure this out today.


Thank you for all the responses.


oh yeah, i got another quick one for you guys too. does anyone know how to turn on the spotlight? I mapped the spotlight to work with the mini mouse on the throttle, and i am dying to see if it works. only problem is i dont know how to turn the spotlight on. I checked the key commands list, but i was pretty tired, i may have over looked it.


I think it would be cool to have some night missions where we are looking for smugglers or something in the dark using spotlights. I know its kind of goofy, but i think it might be fun.

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RShift+L twice You will see the switch move In front panel, Right in front of the cyclic.

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