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Walking around post ejection


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I don't know if this has been posted yet in the forums, but you can direct your pilot to walk around after safely ejecting. pretty cool :thumbup:


You control the pilot using your joystick, directing him where to go, don't know what you are supposed to do with this feature, walk back to base, or escape from the enemy. I tried seeing if I could fire anything, like a hand gun, but all you can do is walk around.


Anyways thought I would share since it just shows again the level of detail in the game.


If this is old news or a common feature in combat sims, sorry for my ignorance:smilewink:.




CSG-1 VFA-25

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Yeah.... I ejected and landed within a few feet of the guy that shot me down, when I walked up to him I wish I'd had a gun or a club or something.... but all I could do is stand there staring at him. I hope he was embarrassed as I walked away :D

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