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  1. Hi looking for a little help with Request Launch call with Viacom. I can get the Ground crew, tankers, etc. to work, but not the carrier calls like Request Launch. I have Aircraft Carrier Comms selected under options, and I purchased Viacom Pro and the Realistic ATC extension. I don't see Request Launch under commands, and VA does not recognize it when I say it. Two pictures, if they help.
  2. Looking for a little help with my DCS BIOS connection. I installed the latest version of DCS BIOS and followed directions, in the DCS Connection tab I have Virtual Cockpit and DCS autostart both checked, but the Virtual Cockpit in the status indicators stays greyed out even when running DCS and in the Hornet jet. Can someone look at my export.lua and double check? Anything else I am missing to get it connected to DCS? Thanks
  3. I agree, this needs to be worked. The "ball" has a huge halo around it, and so do the datums, making it almost useless rolling into the groove. It is not until In the Middle to In Close that it is usable.
  4. When 2.7 dropped we all noticed the new rain sound on the canopy (based on if you were in the rain/cloud or not), and still had the rain drop effect that run down the side of the canopy. With the hotfix last week, both seem to be gone, even when rain drops is selected.
  5. Yes, I try cycling it on and off, but when On it will not accept another entry besides 127 (keeps reverting back to 127). Like I said, I can get it to work from a hot start, so not sure what is going on.
  6. Having an issue when selecting a MIDS channel on Voice A. When changing the channel from 127 to 25 on a hot start, no issue. When I do a cold start, and try to change MIDS from 127 to 25, every time I hit enter on the UFC, it changes back to 127. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Any updates on these panels? Still haven't seen anything on winwing site.
  8. When flying in VR at night, the Laser Lineup Light is way too bright and the deck lights dim (which is great). The lighting seems discconnected, or not very realistic. The lineup light looks light a bright orb from +10 miles, while the deck lights and IFLOLS only apear/become visible within 1NM of the ship. Seems the line up needs to be dimmed or match the lighting of the rest of the carrier. This could be a result of DCS new night lighting. The PLAT cam does not show aircraft or lights of aircraft currently, understand this is probably a beta issue.
  9. See attached picture. I am trying to call up Shell 1-1, I put the correct freq in radio 1, make the call which Viacom understands, but it then identifies the wrong tanker, Arco 1-1. Any reason why? I then manually call shell 1-1 via the comm menu to check I have the freq correct, and Viacomm shows shell 1-1. Thanks!
  10. When flying a CASE III at night, the Lineup Light is extremely bright in VR from 10NM out, but the carrier is not visible at all, the landing area and IFLOLS only become visible at 1NM. They just seem to appear or pop into existence. This was not the case with the Stennis, you could see the ball and the deck lights >1NM. Anyone else seeing this and is there a way to reduce the bloom and brightness of the lineup light and increase the Landing area lights and IFLOLS draw distance?
  11. Is the white text on the AMPCD still working with the latest Beta update?
  12. WinWing, Definitely enjoying your hardware, was curious if you would maybe offer an option to upgrade the buttons on the throttle handles, to replace them with all metal buttons? I think that would be an option that some would pay extra to have added to the handles since they are the most used. Thanks
  13. During a night time formation join up, I noticed you can clearly see the Hornet's position lights (red/green/white on tail) from a good distance >5NM but as you get closer to Lead, at around 2NM to 1.2NM you can't see the lights at all, then as you get closer you can see the lights on the jet again around <1NM. I noticed the same thing when doing a join up on the KC-135 tanker, see the lights, then you can't as you get closer (2-1NM), then they show up again <1NM. Anyone else notice this in VR at night?
  14. Pumped for the release next week. Curious with all the detail for the launch sequence, do you have plans to add the deckcrew memeber who holds up the weight board when taxing onto the CAT? The weight value is known by the jet in DCS (e.g. Hornet checklist page), so it could be known to the deckcrew AI and shown for fidelity. Thoughts?
  15. "see guys.... wishes do come true" -GOONIES 1985
  16. Can you add a button assignments so you can adjust the Bingo Fuel setting on the IFIE, so you don't have to use your mouse? Thanks!
  17. When the LSO position is developed, will the PLAT show foul and clear deck indications? Will the virtual LSOs raise the wave off pickle when the deck is foul? Will the PLAT cam view have the ability to switch from the cross hair view to the camera view from the island to show the wire and post trap view? Really looking forward to the VR LSO when it is released, this will be an amazing addition to carrier ops for virtual squadrons! Thanks!
  18. Thanks Winwing, i downloaded the sim app pro software. I will see if I can program the wheel to get the effect I want on the radar. Is their a guide on how to use the sim app pro? Thanks!
  19. Question to Winwing or guys who have the throttle, when using the Radar Elevation control wheel (wheel on right throttle mount near the TDC), it works fine for adjusting the Radar elevation, but when using it for the Targeting pod zoom in and out, it keeps recentering (as the wheel is spring loaded to center). Has anyone found away around this, to keep the TGP to stay zoomed in when using the control on the throttle. Doesn't seem right to me.
  20. Got the unit installed and liking it so far.
  21. This is great, thanks for putting together
  22. capthaltli


    With DCS wake turbulence being available, I was curious if the supercarrier will include the 'Burble' effect on release? Also if it will be dynamic based on wind/carrier speed and direction at the ramp? Will definitely add to the challenge.
  23. digitalvole, unplug your headset, uninstall WMR, restart computer then plug in headset (which reinstalls WMR). See if that helps. That did it for me.
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